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Studio Policies


At Innergy we believe in caring for ourselves, and each other. We strengthen our bodies and minds to live the best quality life we can while inspiring and feeling inspired by those around us.

updated 1.1.2024



First of the five niyamas (duty or observance in the study of yoga) meaning “purity,” “cleanliness,” and “clearness.” Saucha most often refers to cleanliness of thoughts, actions and speech but here at Innergy we take it a step further...

A clean and tidy space...creates a clear and calm mind...which leads to a healthy and willing heart and body.

Our team sees it as a grand responsibility to assist you on your fitness journey and take it very seriously each day that the studio is prepared and ready for you. All we ask is that you leave it the way you found it.

Please refer to the following before attending a class in studio.




If possible we prefer you register for your class ahead of time so we know you are coming.


The door will be open 15 minutes before your class.
- If you arrive at the time of your class or late, more than likely the door will be locked.  We lock the door as an additional layer of safety and respect for our clients. Thank you for your understanding.

You are welcome to bring your own mat, water and/or towel.

  • Should you need to borrow a mat, disinfectant cleaner/wipes will be used to clean it before and after your class.


Any items you do bring in with you can be left on the lobby benches. Our instructors will lock the door before you start class. Please leave outdoor shoes in the lobby as well.


Please follow all instructions from the instructor on cleaning your mat and/or weights after class.


Cancellations made less than 12 hours prior to a yoga, barre or spinning class will result in a late cancellation (loss of the session or $5 fee for members).

Should you early cancel a class before the late cancellation window, the session will remain in your account to be used on your next class.

"No Showing" a class means you do not show up for a class you have booked and results in a loss of pass or $5 charge for members.

Late cancellation and no show charges are processed 2 weeks into the following month to allow time for communication.

*you are human, we are human, we know things happen. Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions or to chat about these policies.


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