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Class Descriptions

Classes at Innergy are designed with everyone in mind.

Find all you need right here in Wasilla.

Whether you're looking for Yoga, Barre or Cycling all our instructors offer various options and modifications for any workout.

Making our classes open to all levels of fitness. Be comfortable with where you are, and excited about where you're going!


Barre combines movements from yoga, pilates, dance and functional training. Set to upbeat music Barre allows you to connect your movements to the music while getting your sweat on.


During this hour long class you will use body-weight exercises, small hand weights and core balls to strengthen your legs, tone your arms and work your core. Learn to feel the Barre burn, and enjoy it!


This 45 minute class is designed to make you sweat, raise your heart rate, put a smile on your face and show you just how capable you are. Connect to your bike, connect to the road and connect to the inner strength that makes you, YOU!


The word yoga means "union," specifically between your breath and your body. Connecting these two allows you to focus your mind and develop greater body awareness. By enhancing your awareness you are able to strengthen your body AND your mind. This 75-minute long class will work your muscles, challenge your balance and put a smile on your face.

Group Personal Training

Come together with others for a 60 minute circuit workout. All exercises can be modified to meet your specific needs. Come together with others who just like you, are working to become the best version of themselves.

Click here for more information or to check availability.


A dynamic combination of barre, focused breath work, stretching and relaxation.


Start off with 30 minutes of barre. Barre combines movements of yoga, pilates, dance and functional training. Set to fun upbeat tunes, barre allows you to connect to the music while challenging your muscles and getting your sweat on.


End this class with 30 minutes of lengthening those worked muscles with stretches and yoga postures while staying connected to your breath.


Just like all of our yoga classes we will connect our breath and body to focus our minds and develop greater body awareness.

By working in a heated room we will be warm, but your intentional movements will make you warmer.  The heat will generate more sweat, more output and more demand on your body; but by practicing within safe range of motions and levels of exertion we will allow the heat to work for us, not against us.

***anyone with high blood pressure or other medical conditions should always contact a physician before practicing yoga in a heated space. 


Often times in the morning when we take our first stretch we crack and pop, you know what else does that? A glow stick. What happens when you crack a glow stick? They light up and shine! This is our traditional Hatha Flow class set at 5am for those of you who have to get your yoga in before the rest of your day starts.


Wake up, roll out your mat, focus your mind on your breath and body, and when you’re all done head out into the rest of your day shining a little bit brighter.

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