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Bring everything you are to your teaching practice.

Register for Flow - Creative Cues and Sequencing for Yoga Instructors and have fun getting creative, funky and flowing with us. You'll be challenged and encouraged to come up with new ways of describing postures and transitions, communicating with clients, create flows that are completely unique to you and teach your creations to your peers.

Where can we draw movement inspiration from? Another fitness modality? Strength training moves? Postures you find yourself in when you're at home wrestling with your kids and pets? We hope to help you see inspiration is everywhere and there is NO LIMIT to the good that your classes can bring to the lives of your clients.

Weekend Workshop Series

January 21-22

Saturday 8am - 7pm

Sunday 8am - 5pm

Instructors: Jordan Elkins, Elise Long,

Brianna Owens and Kim Picklap

*full course details, schedule and outline shared after registration

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